Centre of Computing & Networking


Centre of Computing and Networking was established in the year 1997, as a project funded by MHRD. It is a Central facility for the Institute connecting all the buildings, Departments, Hostels and residential area through Local Area Network (LAN). The Centre aims to integrate networking and computing facility for service to the students, scholars, faculty and community with an effort to automate institute offices and sections. The CCN maintains Campus Wide Network with more than 7000 nodes with state-of-art-networking, infrastructure. It also hosts institute website

Administrative and Technical Staff Name
Prof. in-Charge Dr. Mayank Dave
Senior Technical Officer Dr. Jagan Nath
Technical Assistant Sh. Himanshu Reddu
Store Keeper Sh. Pawan Kumar

NIT Kurukshetra IT Infrastructure Usage Policy

Centre of Computing and Networking (CCN) is the central computing and networking facility of the Institute entrusted with the following responsibilities:

    1. Development of the computing and networking infrastructure
    2. Maintaining and updating the Institute’s website
    3. E-mail services for the students, faculty and staff
    4. Extending IT infrastructure for online tests for placement of the students
    5. Development and operation of online applications
    6. Printing and scanning facilities.
    7. CCN has equipped with Super computer Param Shavak from CDAC. The students and faculty are utilizing this facility for high end computing.


Working Hours

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Monday to Saturday). CCN remains closed on Sunday and National holidays.

Networking Facilities


Computing Facilities Hardware Resources

1. Servers 05
2. Desktop PCs (i7) 160
3. Video Conferencing device(s) 05
4. Outdoor LED Panels installed at four prime locations in the campus.  

Software Packages

  1. Endpoint Security
  2. Word-processing: MS office Professional 2016
  3. EIGAP Plus (50 User-5 year) including ENVI Single Use Software (ESRI India Technologies Ltd.)
  4. FE Analysis Engineering/Multi-Physics Software Solution.
  5. MATLAB 2021 Campus Wide



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