The patents granted to faculty, staff, and students of NIT Kurukshetra are listed below :

S. No. Grant year Patent Number Title Inventors
1 2006 199932 Multiple Collar Plates: A Composite Scour Protection Device Baldev Setia, D. V. S Verma, Vikas Garg
2 2006 199933 Method of Visualization of Scour Mechanism by Mud Flow Baldev Setia, T. Gangadharaiah, M. Muzzammil
3 2006 199934 Apparatus and Method of Flow Visualization Using Wet Paint Technique Baldev Setia, T. Gangadharaiah
4 2007 213751 Apparatus for Testing a Structural Specimen Subjected to Bending and Torsion V. P. Singh
5 2007 225493 System for Analysing the Reliability of Structural Elements V. P. Singh
6 2008 225783 System and method for detection, prevention of accidents, faults and theft of power on distribution lines and automation L. M. Saini, Rakesh Palani
7 2014 263703 System for controlled transfer of liquid from supply line sources or source reservoir to destination reservoirs or supply lines L. M. Saini, Rakesh Palani
8 2016 US Patent 9,334,230 Process of forming an amide Soon Hyeok Hong, Subhash Chandra Ghosh, Yao Zhang, Senthilkumar Muthaiah, Cheng Chen, Xiangya Xu
9 2017 288692 Twin Plates device for Flow Measurement in channels Arun Goel
10 2018 300433 System and method for controlling the temperature of liquid flowing through a pipe line Babita Saini, Lalit Mohan Saini
11 2018 299378 Blast furnace slag all-in –aggregate; slag dust and cement concrete or mortar made from blast furnace slag all-in-aggregate and slag dust V. P. Singh
12 2018 294472 Air Entrained Blast Furnace Slag Concrete And Method of Manufacturing thereof V. P. Singh
13 2018 291515 Blast Furnace Slag Concrete Composition V. P. Singh
14 2020 351563 Projected LIP As A Scour Protection Device For Bridge Abutments Baldev Setia, Uppain Kumar Bhatia