The copyrights obtained by faculty, staff, and students of NIT Kurukshetra are listed below:

S. No. Grant year Copyright No. Title Creator
1 2019 SW- 12631/2019 Software for Extracting Reusable Software Components from Object-Oriented Source Code Using Search-Based PSO Approach Jitender Kumar Chhabra
2 2019 SW-12872/2019 Structural Analysis Tool (SAT) Gian Bhusan, Vinkel Kumar Arora, M.L Aggarwal
3 2021 SW-14721/2021 Software Tool For Extracting Structural Dependencies Among Java Classes In The Source Code Jitender Kumar Chhabra
4 2021 SW-14723/2021 Software Tool For Extracting Directory Structure-Based Dependencies Among Java Source Code Files And Folders Jitender Kumar Chhabra
5 2021 SW-14722/2021 Software Tool For Extracting Semantic Features In Java Software Jitender Kumar Chhabra