Scholarship Notice

11-04-2023 With reference to DO letter of Ministry of Scheduled Tribe for ST students who are Facing Difficulties or Inability in Paying Institute Fee

13-12-2022 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KURUKSHETRA- Sanction order -1653475-FY – 2022-23

01-12-2022 OPJEMS Scholarship Medal, & Gift winners notice

10-10-2022 List of selected Candidates for the year 2021-22 under the scheme of National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students

05-09-2022 Award of Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship to SC & ST Students Pursuing Full Time Undergraduate Engineering Courses (Batch 2021) 

20-07-2022 Post Matric Scholarship of Haryana for SC Students (A.Y. 2022-23) 

07-07-2022 Announcement for the Grand Challenge for UG,PG students of educational institutions of repute

05-07-2022  Ujjwal Deep Scholarship (A.Y. 2022-23)

13-06-2022 National Overseas Scholarship Scheme 2022 for ST Students

06-06-2022 ST NSP scholarship sanction letter renewal for AY 2021-22

05-02-2022  Final List of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2021-22

07-12-2021 Tentative list of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2021-22

07-10-2021 Sanction letter NSP ST Top class scholarship for AY 2020-21 (Fresh students)

05-10-2021 Announcement of NSP and Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship for A.Y. 2021-22

21-09-2021 Notification Regarding SPDC Scholarship Scheme (2021)

15-09-2021 Scholarship Notification of Sh. Dorilal Agrawal National Meritorious Scholarship (2021-22) for the Physically Challenged Students

                    Application Form in  English 2021-22      

                    Application Form in Hindi (2021-22)

06-09-2021Notification Regarding L.R. Mundra Memorial Scholarship for the Year 2021-22

01-09-2021 Notification Regarding Nomination of OPJEMS Scholarship (2021)

23-08-2021Notification Regarding NSP Scholarship for SC Students (A.Y. 2021-22)

19-08-2021 Notice Regarding National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students Scheme (A.Y. 2020-21)

27-07-2021Date extention of Haryana SC BC Scholarship 2020-21

22-07-2021Notice for MCA Students Under Self Financed Seats

19-07-2021Sanction Order SC scholarship 2020 Batch Students

19-07-2021Sanction Order SC scholarship 2018 Batch Students

19-07-2021Sanction Order SC scholarship 2017 Batch Students

19-07-2021ONGC Scholarship Notice for the year 2020-21 ( For the students who got admission in 2020-21)

21-06-2021Scholarship Notice of Rajarshri Shahu Maharaj Scholarship to the Students belonging to the Scheduled Castes for Education in Foreign Countries for Academic Year 2021-22

26-03-2021Final list of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2020-21

26-03-2021Notice Haryana Sc BC scholarship 2020-21

12-03-2021Tentative list of Merit Scholarship for Academic Year 2020-21

04-11-2020OPJEMS 2020 result notice

01-08-2020Notice regarding Sanction Letter of Fresh ST Students for year 2019_20

23-07-2020Final List of Merit Scholarship 2019_20

13-07-2020Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of National Fellowship and scholarship for Higher Education for ST Students for the year 2019-20

20-03-2020Revise Notice Regarding various Scholarship

19-03-2020 Revise notice of Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of Top Class Education for SC students of (Renewal of 2017-18)

19-03-2020 Regarding Swami Dayanand Education Foundation Scholarship

19-03-2020 Tentative list of Merit Scholarship Academic Session 2018-19

16-03-2020 2020 Global Korea Scholarship

16-03-2020 Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of Top Class Education for SC students of (Renewal of 2017-18)

06-02-2020 OPJEMS 2019 Prize Distribution Ceremony

16-10-2019 Notice for RECK-66 Alumni Scholarships (from Academic Session 2019-20)   RECK-66 Alumni Scholarship Form 

09-05-2019 Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access(FAEA) Scholarships for Year 2019-20

20-03-2019 Notification of Merit_Scholarship_for academic session 2018-19

11-03-2019 Public_Notice_Korean_Govt_Sch_2019_2000

08-03-2019 New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship 2019

06-03-2019 Chinese Government Scholarship 2019-20

28-02-2019 Tentative Merit Scholarship lists for B.Tech 2017 2016 & 2015 batch_for the academic year 2018-19

25-01-2019 Verification Notice for SSO Rajasthan Scholarship 2018-19

08-01-2019 Attendance sheet for PMS Haryana Scholarship 2018-19

03-01-2019 NSP ST SCHOLARSHIP 2018-19 (SANCTION LETTER NO. F.NO.11021-19-2018-SCH)

24-12-2018 Samsung Star Scholar – 2018

22-12-2018 Post Matric Scholarship for Haryana 2018-19

13-12-2018 Chief Minister Fellowship Yojna (CMFY) Jharkhand

13-12-2018 2019 Commonwealth Scholarship in The United Kingdom


21-11-2018 Notification for NSP Top Class Scholarship for SC Students 2018

27-10-2018 Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship (MAHARASTRA Scholarship For SC Students)

28-09-2018 Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship 2018-19


17-09-2018 OPJEMS Online Test Result

13-09-2018 NSP Scholarship NOTICE for ST students

06-09-2018 Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship 2018-19 for SC-ST Students

01-09-2018 OPJEMS Online Test Schedule

21-08-2018 Final Merit List for OPGEMS Scholarship 2018-19

17-08-2018 Pending Applications on NSP Portal 2018

14-08-2018 siemens scholarship 2018-19

09-08-2018 UP Scholarship Last Date Notification

09-08-2018 Student Registration Form for Verification of  All Scholarships 2018-19

09-08-2018 Swami Dayanand (SDEF) Scholarship & Application-2018

09-08-2018 OPJEMS 2018 shortlisted candidates List (Mechanical, Electrical & Civil)

01-08-2018 NSP ST Scholarship 2018-19 Notification

30-07-2018 Swami Dayanand Scholarship notice

23-03-2018 Bihar OBC-SC-ST NSP scholarship

16.03.2018 ST scholarship Recipient students 2016-17

16.03.2018 ST scholarship recipient students 2017-18

16.03.2018 ST Scholarship Recipient students II 2017-18

15.03.2018 Continuation Scholarship

26-02-2018 Public_notice_Chinese_2018_19

26-02-2018 Public Notice 2017 Korea Govt.

21-02-2018 Students list for Bihar Scholarship

27-09-2017 Notification regarding M.Tech Gate Scholarship

5-09-2017 OPJEMS Interview Schedule NOTICE

23-09-2017 NSP Fee Verification List NOTICE 

23-09-2017 NSP Last date Extention NOTICE 

19-09-2017 Sashi Ranjan Kumar NHFDC Scholarship 

19-09-2017 LR Mundra Memorial Scholarship (Saini Community) 

18-09-2017 OPJEMS Result Notice

13-09-2017 Students List for Rajasthan Scholarship Notice (SSO)

13-09-2017 Scholarship Cheque From Sitaram Jindal Foundation

13-09-2017 Ajay Kumar Engineers India Limited SCST Scholarship Notice

04-09-2017 Notice for OPJEMS Scholarship 2017-18

04-09-2017 Notice for NHFDC Scholarship

11-04-17: Oyonika Samazder, B.Tech Comp. Engg. :- Contact Academic Section

10-04-17: Scholarship received of Rayees Kausar, District Aara, bihar:- contact academic seciton

06-04-17:Rajasthan Scholarship temporarily rejected of session 2015-16

05-04-17: Shortlist candidate of Samsung star scholarship 2016-17

04-04-17: Scholarship of research scholar of Ph.D during the maternity leave

01-04-17: SPDC Scholarship of Oyonika Samazder – B.Tech (Comp. Engg.)

22-07-17: HSCST Fellowship Programme

21-03-17: Scholarship received Dinesh Kumar of Sita Ram jindal Foundation

21-03-17: Scholarship received of Dist. Vaishali Bihar state

20-03-17: Defected forms of OBC student, Kindly correct and resubmit on

20-03-17: Scholarship of Patna state received. contact Academic Section

20-03-17: Information required of Pritam Premlal to process his scholarship 

06-03-17: Scholarship of Ajay Kumar , District Gya:- Contact Academic Section

28-02-17: Notice for 2017 Korean Government Scholarship Program

22-02-17: Notice to claim SC Central Scholarship for the year 2015-16

06-02-17: Hindustan Scholarship for UG & PG students of all category.

06-02-17: Rajasthan Scholarship for the session 2016-17

06-02-17: Date Extended upto 15.02.2017 for Samsung Star Scholarship for Calss X and XII of Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya

23-01-17: Date extended upto 31st Jan. to submit application for SAMSUNG STAR SCHOLARSHIP

23-01-17: Samsung Star Scholarship :- Terms & Conditions

20-01-17: Information required of Ajinkya Anand Hable for scholarship

19-01-17: Scholarship received of Suprabhat Kumar, Dist. Navada, Bihar State

19-01-17: Important Notice for U.P Scholarship session 2016-17

18-01-17: Date extended upto 03.02.2017 to apply for PMS Haryana on

14-01-17: Samsung Star Scholarship open for the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

12-01-17: BSNL Scholarship of Ms. Smriti Gupta D/o Sh. Giriraj Prasad Gupta

11-01-17: Students of ST category can still apply on NSP for session 2016-17

08-12-16: PMS scholarship Haryana open for SC students 2016-17

02-12-16: Scholarship received Dinesh Kumar S/o Sh. Moti Lal

28-11-16: All UG and PG students enrolled on NSP submit their application form

15-11-16: Scholarship received of Central SC 2012-13 Batch. Meet In Academic Section

15-11-16: Scholarship received of Umesh Kumar, dist. Motihari, Bihar

01-11-16: Scholarship received of Bihar students

01-11-16: Mr. Suman Saket (3133521) to return his previous DMCs till date

24-10-16: Scholarship of Ajay Kumar Dist. Gaya

20-10-16: Renewal of Scholarship of Central SC students of batch 2013-14 and 2014-15 batch for the year 2016-17

20-10-16: Central SC students renewal of 2015 batch

18-10-16: Selected students for OPGEMS 2016-17

13-10-16: Shortlisted candidate Ajay Kumar for EIL Scholarship

04-10-16: Swami Dayanand Charitable Scholarship

29-09-16: Submission of application form of U.P state

29-09-16: To Submit documents of 2015-16 batch for Central SC scholarship

29-09-16: Renewal of Central SC scholarship of 2013, 2014 and 2015 batch

29-09-16: All eligible UG and PG students can apply on National Scholrship Portal for 2016-17

29-09-16: Central SC Scholarship to be cancelled:- Sandeep Kumar (110043)

27-09-16: Shortlisted candidates for Interview for OPGEMS 2016-17

20-09-16: Notice of Rohit Kumar , M.Tech Dist. Katihar

14-09-16: Viklang shayta sanstha

14-09-16: Grievience PMS Haryana

14-09-16: SPDC Scholarship

13-09-16: Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan for 2017

09-09-16: Submission of scholarship form of Rajasthan state (rajpms)

08-09-16: Information regarding OPGEMS schedule and timings for the year 2016-17

23-08-16: Notice of DBT Transfer of Central Scholarship for ST student

18-08-16: Central SC Scholarship of B.Tech 2013-14 Batch for the year of 2014-15

18-08-16: Shortlisted candidates of OPJEMS 2016-17

10-08-16: Rejected application of OBC Students applied in Postmatric scholarship Haryana

08-08-16: Notice for ST students of Batch (2012-13, 2013-14 & 2014-15) to receive their Cenral Scholarship

05-08-16: Schedule of OP JINDAL ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT SCHOLARSHIP (OPJEMS) for year of 2016-17

03-08-16: Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship for B.Tech 1st year student under SC/ST category

13-07-16: IOCL Scholarship of Ankit Rajpoot

22-06-16:SC scholarship of Maharashtra State

20-06-16:Notice of PMS haryana rejected by bank for the year 2014-15

16-06-16: Post Matric Scholarship of Bihar State

14-06-16: Post Matric Scholarship of Mr. Vishal Singh, Dist. Arwal 

21-05-16: Scholarship Cheque of Dinesh Kumar of Sita Ram Jindal Foundation

notice for SCSP Scholarship Haryana for SC students whose parental income is less than 3.50 lacs 

Notice for Mr. Saurabh kamboj to receive his DD for his scholarship of IOCL 

Notice for Central SC students 2015-16 Batch to submit their pending documents.

Central Scholarship received of Batch 2014-15 for the year 2014-15 under ST category

Notice for pending documents of students under SC category for PMS scholarship Haryana

Notice of Dinesh Kumr S/o Sh. Moti Lal to receive his cheque of Scholarship of Sitaram Jindal foundation

Notice for Central scholarship received of SC students, Batch 2012-13 for the year 2013-14.

Scholarship Notice for MCA students of Madhya Pardesh state

Notice to submit Income Certificate of B.Tech (1st year) students of ST category under Central Scholarship Scheme

Notice for Ashok Kumar Baghel(M.C.A) for his cheque

Notice for Short listed Top 12 SC students of 2015-16 batch under Central Scholarship

Renewal of scholarship of Brijesh Vishavkarma(M.C.A 2014-15)

Notice to submit documents for SC scholarship of the year 2014-15 

Submission of applications for scholarships under Top Class Education of ST students 

Submission of applicaiton form of ST Students

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

List of Merit Scholarship Acad. Session 2013-14 and 2014-15

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarships for HIgher Studies

Date extended upto 31.01.2016 of PMS scholarship Haryana for SC/OBC students

Notice for Central scholarship of SC students

Shortlisted students for interview (Stage 2) – OPJEMS 2015 

 Cheques received of Indianoil Educational Scholarship

23-05-15 : Santosh Kumar S/o Sh. Kishori Singh:- Meet Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section for his Scholarship Concern:- Urgent.

23-05-15 : Aakash Mandik S/o Sh. Sitaram Mandik, sdcheme no. 71, 1098 Mig, Sector-B Indore:- Meet Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section for his Scholarship concern:- Urgent.

23-05-15 : Sandam Patel S/o Sh. Maksud, Village Datana, Devas Road, Dist. Ujjain:- Meet Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section for his Scholaship concern:- Urgent.

18-05-15 : Income Certificate issuing Authority in Various states.

12-05-15 : Revision of list of Top Class Institutes under the merged scheme of “National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students.

01-05-15 : 2014- Batch (Fresh SC Students), urgently submit their Original Income certificate to Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section  to process their Central Scholarship.

30-04-15 : Aman Maravi (1140595), B.Tech-Production Engg. Kindly contact Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section to receive his Cheque of Post Matric Scholarship.

23-04-15 : Arun Kumar Sharma (130879), B.Tech- Civil Engg., Kindly contact Mr. Rajesh Jaswal in Academic Section to receive his Cheque of IndiaOil Educational Scholarship.

01-04-15 : Following Students , Kindly contact Academic Section in ONGC Scholarship Concern. Gourav Vartia (B.Tech 2nd , I.T), Ramit Kumar (B.Tech 2nd, Civil), Ravi Kumar (B.Tech 2nd, E.C.E).

31-03-15 :  Ranjeet Kumar (1140263), B.Tech 2nd Semester, Kindly Contact Academic Section in Scholarship Concern.

20-03-15 : Chief Minister Sarvajan  Higher Education Scholarship Scheme.

14-03-15 : Scholarship received of Rajasthan. Kindly contact Academic Section.

12-03-15 : Important Guidelines about Aadhar Card :- In case of ( Lost, Misplace of Enrolment slip, Download of Aadhar Card).

10-03-15 : Letter from PMO to link your AADHAR Card with your Bank A/c. Necessary for all Scholarship Schemes.

10-03-15 : How to link your AADHAR Card to your bank through ATM. Kindly check the procedure.