Vijay Kumar Bajpai

Designation:    Professor
Department:    Mechanical Engg
Qualification:    Ph.D

BC-5 NIT Campus, Kurukshetra Haryana-136119

Phone No:    01744-233460 , 9466435761
Area of Interest:    

Renewable energy resources, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and air conditioning , Thermodynamics, IC Engines and gas turbines, Fluid Engineering, Steam and Power generations.

 Research Activities: Use of solar energy in HVAC is being explored. Regeneration of Desiccant wheel by solar energy and optimization of its different parameters.
 Future plans:Planning to have a project on solar energy from MNRE and planning to develope  Centre of excellence in Renewable Energy Sources  in the Institute.
Experience :
Teaching 25 years R & D Organization / Industry: –