Courses of Study:

The Institute offers courses of study leading to B.Tech., M.Tech. degree and research facilities leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The medium of instructions and examination is English. The Institute has assumed the status of deemed University.

The courses include study at the Institute, visits to work sites and practical training. In the Institute Workshops and in approved Engineering works. There is NIT (A Deemed University) Examination at the end of each semester.

B. Tech. Degree: 

Courses of study are offered in the following disciplines:

Discipline No. of Seats
Civil Engineering 140
Computer Engineering 210
Information Technology 140
Electrical Engineering 140
Electronics & Communication Engineering 140
Mechanical Engineering 140
Production & Industrial Engineering 60
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 60
Industrial Internet of Things 60
Mathematics & Computing 57

Note:- The duration of courses for B. Tech. is four academic years.