Exam & Evaluation


As per scheme of the examination, the Institute is organizing examination in two parts – Theory and Practical. The medium of examination is English. The students are required to fill up their Examination Forms at the time of contact classes along with examination fees. Examinations are held at the end of every semester.


The Evaluation System for 4-year (8 semesters) B.Tech. Degree Course at this Institute for the batches prior to 2003 is being followed in terms of marks as is being followed by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra to which this Institute was affiliated before switching over from REC to NIT (Deemed University) status. In all 8 semesters the marks is being awarded out of 5000 scaled marks. The same is as under:-

Marks ObtainedDivision/Result
70% and above subject to passing all eight semesters in 4 years duration.1st Division with Honours
60% and above1st Division
50% to 59%2nd Division
40% to 49%Pass Class

Further the batch admitted in the year 2003 the Institute has switched over to Credit Base System of evaluation which is as under:-

A letter grade in each course taken during the semester is being awarded on the basis of performance of a student in class work/session+end semester exams at the end of each Semester. Letter grade has a grade point for the purpose of computing the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) i.e. CGPA = C1 G1/ Ce (C1 indicates credits assigned to the course and G1 indicates the grade point equivalent to the letter grade obtained). The letter grade and their grade point value is given below:-

Letter GradePerformanceGrade Point

The Percentage of marks of a student can be calculated by multiplying the CGPA of a student by 9.00.