Institute Software Application Club (ISAC)

Institute Software Application Club (ISAC): ISAC is a student club constituted with the aim of designing and maintaining SW applications for the emerging needs of the Institute (National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra).


To become the premier student-led club at NIT Kurukshetra, responsible for developing and managing high-quality software solutions for internal applications, the official college website, and future web development projects. Along with completing these requirements, the club will foster a culture in the college of student-created and managed events that will improve the quality of events in the future.



Work entities: 


Team Composition:  

Name Designation Work description
Institute Software Application Club (ISAC) Student Club
  • ISAC is a student club, affiliated with the CCN of the Institute.
Prof. Mayank Dave Professor Incharge (CCN)
  • Mentor of  the Institute’s website development
  • Validates the deliverables of ISAC
Dr. Vikram Singh Faculty Incharge (Institute Website)
  • Guide the ISAC’s overall formation (Annually) and ensure academic support.
  • Assist ISAC on requirement gathering and formal interactions with other entities, as and when required.
  • Verify (progressively) and validate the deliverables of ISAC.
Mr. Priyanshu Tripathi
Mr. Saket Raman
Core Members*


  • The founding members of the ISAC.
  • Care-takers of overall management of ISAC members and activities.
  • Plans the Activity chart and directs the work distribution among members for timely implementations
  • Identifies the groundwork for versions (v1 & v2), such as Website project.
  • Establishes, any infrastructure needed for the future for Website Project
  • Prepare detailed documentation of implemented items.
  • They will also mainly manage and direct the distribution and completion of work.




  • Responsible for the successful completion of development  work outlined


* ISAC Members (Students) List, for the AY 2023-24

Sno Name Role Responsibilities
1 Priyanshu Tripathi Planning and Directing
2 Saket Raman Planning and Directing
3 Parth Taneja Back-end
4 Mohit Mahipal Full-stack
5 Yuvraj Rautela Deployment and hosting
6 Aryamik Pandey Back-end
7 Aman Saini Design (UI/UX)
8 Naman Singhal Back-end
9 Aayush Kumar Full-stack
10 Antriksh Kumar Full-stack
11 Aditya Karna Back-end
12 Rajan Back-end
13 Somya Sati Full-stack
14 Kanishk Ranjan Front-end


For further information, contact us at:

Dr. Vikram Singh

(Faculty Incharge, Institute Website),