Now every year NIT students will be able to do Geeta course through ISKCON

MoU signed between NIT Kurukshetra and ISKCON

Now the students of NIT Kurukshetra will be able to take advantage of Geeta knowledge every year. In this regard, an MOU was signed between NIT and ISKCON, which was signed by Mr. G. R. Samantaray, Registrar of NIT and Mr. Sakshi Gopal, President of ISKCON Kurukshetra. On this occasion, NIT Director Prof. B. V. Ramana Reddy, Dean Student Welfare Prof. Dixit Garg, Dr. Shivam, and ISKCON Vice President Mr. Mohan Gaurchandra ji were also present.

Under this MoU, a course based on Geeta will be taught as an elective course to B.Tech first year students under the Department of Humanities of the college. In this course, education will be given to enhance social and moral values ​​and to make students more capable against mental dangers like stress, depression, addiction etc. With this, students will be able to become better citizens and leaders who will be able to think about their own interests as well as the interests of the country and society. In the Geeta course, subjects like mental control, soul, yoga, karma, meditation etc. will also be taught.