Altius offers the sponsors unique opportunities for publicity and branding in a vibrant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere.If anything defines the face of Altius, then The spirit of Engineering is the endeavor that showcases it.

With the humble building blocks of innovation, creativity, determination and technique,we intend to craft entities that are record breaking in size and awe inspiring in grandeur. Whether it is a computer geek with a head full of algorithms or a novice looking for intellectual stimulation,Altius has something for everyone.

Altius is an Intra College Fest of NIT kurukshetra with 60+ events divided into 9 categories.

Few of them are:

Design:- Build-em-all,E-modeling,junkyard wards, Micro controller challenge,Roller coaster, Town planning

Technophiles: Excalibur, Encoder, Ingenuity

Robotics: Robo Soccers

Managerial: Apprentice, crescendo, Big fight

AeroModeling: Albatross, boomerang

Papyrus vitae: Civeria, MicroSearch , Technova

Funzone: Black Box, Game Station, Mr & Miss NITK

Quizes: Axiom, CV-Q Mastishk