PhD research:

Status of Ph.D Scholars
Year 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 Total
No. of Candidates Admitted 7 3 3 8 7 14 8 24 13 7 13 14 8 9 138
Thesis Submiited 6 2 3 6 6 10 4 5 3 0 0 0 0 0 45
De-Registered 1 1 0 2 0 3 4 10 1 3 0 1 0 1 27
Full Time 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 1 2 3 1 6 21
In Progress 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 9 9 4 13 13 8 8 66

PhD Research Scholars:

Sr.No. Candidate Name Supervisor Name Topic Status
1 Surinder Chauhan Dr. Ratna Dahiya Application of phasor measurement unit in power system In Progress
2 Sanjay Dewangan Dr. Giribabu Dyanamina Analysis and vector control of sensorless induction motor In Progress
3 Prashant Singh Dr. J. S. Lather Modeling and Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid In Progress
4 Farhana Fayaz Dr. G. L. Pahuja Power system reliability In Progress
5 Pandry Narendra Rao Dr. Jayaram Nakka Efficient Renewable Energy Conversion Using Multi-Level Converters In Progress
6 Sangeeta Singh Dr. Bhanu Pratap Non linear systems using intelligent controller In Progress
7 Anmol Gupta Dr. Yash Pal Energy Management System for Hybrid Power System In Progress
8 Terli Satyanarayana Dr. Ratna Dahiya Large scale Integration of RES in the Grid: Key Challenges and Solutions. In Progress
9 Monika Gaba Dr. Saurabh Chanana Residential demand respone in Smart Grid In Progress
10 Neha Gupta Dr. Lillie Dewan System Modeling and Control In Progress
11 Vikas Kadian Dr. A. Swarup Management and Optimization of Power Distribution System In Progress
12 Chandan Choubey Dr. Jyoti Ohri Dynamics and Control of Parallel Manipulators In Progress
13 Gagan Deep Yadav Dr. A. K. Dahiya Stability Aspects of Distributed Generation System In Progress
14 Prabhjot Kaur Dr. Lillie Dewan Biomedical Signal Processing In Progress
15 Vallem V.V.S.N. Murthy Dr. A. K. Sharma Distributed System Planning issues in Restructured Electricity Markets In Progress
16 Bhupender Sharma Dr. Jayaram Nakka High Power Factor and Quality AC/DC Multilevel Converters in Renewable Energy Systems In Progress
17 Varun Gupta Dr. Monika Mittal Intelligent Signal Processing in Control Applications In Progress
18 Bahadur Singh Pali Dr. Shelly Vadhera Generation of Continuous Electric Power at Constant Voltage From Sustainable Energy Systems In Progress
19 Naveen Dr. Anil Dahiya Power quality lssues of Grid Connected Renewable Energy Sources In Progress
20 Naveen Kumar Dr. Jyoti Ohri Control of Haptic Devices In Progress
21 Mahiraj Singh Rawat Dr. Shelly Vadhera Power system stability: voltage stability of system using renewable energy resources In Progress
22 Kiran Kumar Jaladi Dr. K. S. Sandhu Controlled operation of doubly fed  induction generator for wind energy conversion In Progress
23 Aeidapu Mahesh Dr. K. S. Sandhu Optimal sizing and energy management strategies for  hybrid renewable energy systems In Progress
24 Sonia Dr. Anil Dahiya Stabiltiy Analysis of Integrated Renewable Energy System with FACTS Devices In Progress
25 Shashi Gandhar Dr. Joyti Ohri
Dr. Muktiyar Singh
Renewable Energy Sources based Power Systems In Progress
26 Shilpam Malik Dr. Sathans Frequency Regulation in Distribution Generation Power System In Progress
27 Preet Lata Dr. Shelly Vadhera Power System Planning In Progress
28 Nisha Kamboj Dr. Shelly Vadhera Power System Analysis: Micro Grid Technology In Progress
29 Om Krishan Dr. Sathans Load Frequency Control in Distribution Generation Power System In Progress
30 Amit Kumar Dr. Sathans Control Issues in Power System Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources In Progress
31 Sandeep Kakran Dr. Saurabh Chanana Demand Side Management Considering Renewable Energy Resources Integration In Progress
32 Shivam Dr. Ratna Dahiya Power Quality Issues in Hybrid Power System with Renewable Energy Sources Thesis submitted
33 Rahul Sharma Dr. Sathans Control Schemes for Hybrid Energy System under Different Operating Conditions In Progress
34 Pawan Kumar Pandey Dr. K. S. Sandhu Power Quality Aspects of Hybrid Power Generating System In Progress
35 Modi Pandu Ranga Parsad Dr. Akhilesh Swarup Motion Control Design for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle In Progress
36 Abhas Kanungo Dr. Lillie Dewan
Dr. Monika Mittal
Wavelet based Control In Progress
37 Harbhajan Singh Dr. K. S. Sandhu Static Control of Induction Generator In Progress
38 Sandeep Sharma Dr. Shelly Vadhera Application of FACTS devices in Power System In Progress
39 Manjeet Dr. Sathans Control of Robotic Manipulator & Nonlinear Systems Analysis In Progress
40 Atma Ram Gupta Dr. Ashwani Kumar Distribution System analysis with Distributed Generation and D-FACTS integration In Progress
41 Amandeep Singh Dr. Sathans Control Issues in Smart Grid and Micro-Grid Systems In Progress
42 Monu Malik Dr. Ratna Dahiya PV Optimization of DC-DC Converters for Off-Grids using Articial Neural Network In Progress
43 Sarbjeet Singh Dr. Saurabh Chanana Distributed Generation Planning and Optimization In Progress
44 Vinod Kumar Dr. L. M. Saini
Dr. Babita Saini
Some Aspects of Embedded System Application in Electrical and Civil Engineering In Progress
45 Jiwanjot Singh Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr. L. M. Saini
Multilevel Inverter, Power Quality In Progress
46 Sudhir Dr. A. Swarup Nonlinear System Analysis & Control Thesis Submitted
47 Deepak Kumar Dr. L. M.Saini Some Aspect of Inspection of Power Transmission Lines In Progress
48 Kusum Lata Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr. Subir Sen
Modeling and Simulation of  a Hybrid Microgrid In Progress
49 Nitin Kumar Saxena Dr. Ashwani Kumar Reactive power Issues in Isolated Hybrid Power System Degree Awarded
50 Vikram Dr. Lillie Dewan Identification of Dynamic Systems Spare and Block-Oriented Models in progress
51 Pretty Neelam Topno Dr. saurabh Chanana Advanced Control Applications to Power System in progress
52 Ramakoteswara Rao Alla Dr. G. L. Pahuja
Dr. J. S. Lather
Stability, Reliability Analysis and Control Design for Time Delay Systems in progress
53 Manish Kumar Dr. K. S. Sandhu
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Issue of Renewable Energy System in Power Market in progress
54 Aadesh Kumar Arya Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Dr. Saurabh Chanana
Application of Smart Grid to Power System In Progress
55 Smita Pareek Dr. Ratna Dahiya Performance Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Subjected to Inhomogeneous Insulation Degree Awarded on
56 Shilpa Gupta Dr. G. L. Pahuja On Reliability Measures and Reliability Improvements of MIN In Progress
57 Konark Sharma Dr. L. M. Saini Smart Metering and Communication Techniques in Power System in progress
58 Randeep Kaur Dr. Jyoti Ohri Optimal Preview Control in progress
59 Shiwani Saini Dr. Lillie Dewan Biomedical Signal Analysis using Wavelets in progress
60 Himani Dr. Ratna Dahiya Condition Monitoring in Wind Energy Conversion Systems in progress
61 Jasmer Singh Dr. G. L. Pahuja
Dr. Kaushik Saha
Studies in Circuits and System Methodologies for DVS & DVFS in Deep Submicron Integrated Circuits in progress
62 Om Parkash Yadav Dr. G. L. Pahuja
Dr. Dheeraj Joshi
Fault Tolerance Based Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor in progress
63 Ankur Goel Dr. A. Swarup Optimal Motion Control Degree Awarded on
64 Neha Kapoor Dr. Joyti Ohri Ambiguity Tolerant Control Design for Robotic Manipulator Based on Intelligent Techniques Thesis Submitted
65 Rakhi Dr. G. L. Pahuja Network Reliability in progress
66 Rishi Sarup Sharma Dr. Lillie Dewan Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems in progress
67 Sudha Bansal Dr. L. M. Saini Power Electronics Converters Degree Awarded on
68 Narinder Kumar Dr. Ashwani Kumar Harmonics and Pricing issues in Distribution Systems in progress
69 Satish Kumar Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Dr. N. K. Sharma
Voltage Stability Analysis with Wind Farms and Impact of Fact Controllers in progress
70 Prabal Partap Dr. R. S. Bhatia
Dr. B. K. Kanaujia
Design & Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Degree Awarded on
71 Neelam Kassarwani Dr. Joyti Ohri
Dr. Alka Singh
Power Quality Improvement using Custom Power Devices in progress
72 Pankaj Gupta Dr. R. S. Bhatia
Dr. D. K. Jain
Protection Issues of Grid Connected Distributed Generation Thesis Submitted
73 Parag Nijawan Dr. R. S. Bhatia Power Quality improvement of the Distribution System Networks using custom Power Devices Thesis Submitted
74 Akhil Gupta Dr. Saurabh Chanana
Dr. Tilak Thakur
Performance evaluation of Solar Energy System Thesis Submitted
75 Vikas Mittal Dr. L. M. Saini
Dr. D. Singh
Advance Techniques for Feature Extraction from Satellite Images Degree Awarded
76 Manjusha Bhave Dr. Lillie Dewan
Dr. S. Janardhanan
Control of Articulated Equipotential Robotic Manipulator using Higher Order Sliding Modes Thesis Submitted
77 Rajul Kumar Mishra Dr. G. L. Pahuja Condition Monitoring and Fault diagnosis of Induction Thesis Submitted
78 Lokendra Pal Singh Dr. R. S. Bhatia
Dr. D. K. Jain
Electric Power Quality Evaluation and Benchmarking of Electric Utilities Thesis Submitted
79 Arvind Dhingra Dr. Ashwani Kumar Power System (Power Quality) Thesis Submitted
80 Navneet Singh Bhangu Dr. G. L. Pahuja
Dr. Rupinder Singh
Invesigations for RCM Implementation in Thermal Power Plant Degree Awarded
81 Nidhika Birla Dr. A. Swarup Design of Preview Control Using Evolutioary Optimization and Adaptation Degree Awarded
82 Aman Ganesh Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr. G. K. Singh
Performance Analysis of FACTS Controller Degree Awarded
83 Priti Prabhakar Dr. A.K. Sharma Some Aspects of Power System Voltage Stability In Progress
84 Chintu Rza Makkar Dr. Lillie Dewan Rebust Control for Transient Stability Enchancement of SMIB System Thesis Submitted
85 Yajvender Pal Verma Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Investigation on Operational Aspects of Power System with Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Degree Awarded
86 Sangeeta Kamboj Dr. Ratna Dahiya Measurement and Estimation of Overhead Conductor Sag Using Global Positioning Systm Degree Awarded
87 Vijay Kumar Tayal Dr. J. S. Lather Robustness Analysis and Control Design of FACTS based Power Systems Degree Awarded
88 Krishan Kumar Sharma Dr. A. Swarup Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors in progress
89 Jyoti Malik Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr. G. Sainarayanan
Investigations on Feature Extractions and Matching for Palm Print Based Biometric Degree Awarded
90 Mr. Rajveer Mittal Dr. K. S. Sandhu
Dr. D. K . Jain
Power Quality Studies of Wind Energy Conversion System Degree Awarded
91 Satvir Singh Deswal Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr.D. K. Jain
Studies on Ride through capabilities for adjustable speed drives (ASDs) Degree Awarded
92 Monika Mittal Dr. Lillie Dewan A Non-Recursive Haar Wavelet Operation Approach for System Analysis and parameter Estimation Degree Awarded
93 Neelam Mehla Dr. Ratna Dahiya Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Induction Motor Faults using Motor Current Signature Analysis Awarded
94 Vijay Kumar Dr. L. M. Saini
Dr. J. S. Saini
Performance Prediction of Permanent-Split Capacitor-Run Single-Phase Induction Motor Degree Awarded on
95 Yatender Kumar Chaturvedi
Dr. K. S. Sandhu
Analysis of Self-Excited Induction Generator with Unbalanced Load and Excitation Degree Awarded
96 Sudhir Sharma
Dr. K. S. Sandhu
Power Quality Investigations of Induction Generators under Different Operating Conditions” Degree Awarded
97 Anjali Garg Dr. K. S. Sandhu
Dr. L. M. Saini
Voltage Control of Self-Excited Induction Generators Degree Awarded
98 Sukhbir Singh Dr. Dheeraj Joshi
Dr. M.N. Bandyopadhyay
Application Intelligence Techniques in Duval Triangle Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformer Degree Awarded
99 Shelly Vadhera Dr. K. S. Sandhu Analysis and Design Considerations of Induction Generators in Grid and Self Excited Modes Degree Awarded
100 Dalvinder Kaur Mangal Dr. Lillie Dewan Rebust Parameter Estimation of Complex System Degree Awarded
101 Anil Kumar Dahiya Dr. Ratna Dahiya
Dr. D. P. Kothari
Transient Stability Improvement of Power System with STATCOM-SMES using Intelligent Control Degree Awarded
102 Sanjeev Kumar Dr. L. M. Saini
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Some Aspects of Price Forecasting in Real Time Single Settlement Competitive Electricity Markets Degree Awarded
103 Yash Pal Dr. A. Swarup
Dr. Bhim Singh
Control Alogorithms and Topologies of Unified Power Quality Conditioners Degree Awarded
104 Yash Paul Singh Dr. A. Swarup Analysis and Development of Adaptive Routing Algorithms in Computrer Networks Degree Awarded
105 Saurabh Chanana Dr. Ashwani Kumar Some Important Aspects of Price Based Frequency Regulation and Pricing in Competitve Electricity Markets Degree Awarded
106 Sathans Dr. A. Swarup Design of Intelligent Control and Applications to Power Systems Degree Awarded
107 Rajeev Kumar Dr. Krishan Gopal
Dr. G. L. Pahuja
A Conceptual Framework for the Continuity of Mission-Critical Network Services Degree Awarded
108 Jyoti Ohri Dr. Lillie Dewan Robust Adaptive Tracking Control of Robot Manipulator Degree Awarded
109 Dheeraj Joshi Dr. K. S. Sandhu Analysis and Control of Self Excited Induction Generation Degree Awarded
National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra - 136119,
Haryana (India)