Mechsoc is the official technical society of the departments of Mechanical engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management. Formed in the late 90s along with all the other technical societies, Mechsoc functions with the objective of enhancing the technical acumen of the students who come under its umbrella, aiming to bring their core technical competencies in alignment with the national benchmark. The society accomplishes this mission by organising a plethora
of activities, the primary among which are the two major technical festivals of the Institution that it organises in collaboration with the other societies, and the various workshops it organises round the year. Altius and Techspardha are the two main technical festivals of the Institution, and Mechsoc organises more than 10 events as part of the fests, giving away hefty cash prizes to the winners.

Mechsoc has around 90 members across all four years. The members are selected after gruelling rounds of inductions and careful consideration. The members are known to harbour a tremendous work ethic and an impeccable sense of belonging towards the society. The society has been a constant feature of the Institution for around two decades now, and has, in convincing fashion, stood the Institution in good stead on numerous occasions through its various activities and endeavours.