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Striving for the purpose of bringing peace and harmony across our motherland by inculcating every individual with spirit of humanity through community service, NSS NIT KURUKSHETRA is a society where all members are dedicated and toil to give their best shot by indulging ourselves in the service of humankind. We work on a diverse range of social issues including blood donation, education, environment, etc. by forming a consortium with several NGOs. Here we aim at providing each student with a significant context in which he/she can reach a deeper understanding of social reality in today’s era of India. The motto of NSS – “Not Me But You” fuels every member in our organization to give a selfless service which will lay the foundation of nation’s progress by progress of every individual. We function with a mission to mobilise our youth into a sect of progressive citizens and imbibe in them an inclination towards community service.

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Official website: NSS NIT Kurukshetra