Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Department runs two post graduates programs leading to M.Tech. in Instrumentation and M.Tech. in Nanotechnology. The educational objectives of these programs are specific and are as:

(a) M. Tech Instrumentation

The programme education objectives of M. Tech. Instrumentation are:

PEO1. To train the graduates on Instrumentation Technology

PEO2. To develop the skills for solving real time scientific problems using various sophisticated instruments

PEO3. To develop innovative skills for designing and fabrication of instruments

PEO4. To generate technically skilled manpower for industries

PEO5. To utilise technical skills for innovative academic and research development in instrumentation

(b) M. Tech. Nanotechnology

The programme educational objectives of M. Tech. Nanotechnology are:

PEO1. To prepare the graduates for the futuristic cutting edge technologies at nanoscale

PEO2. To develop scientific attitude and skills for applying nanotechnology in social sectors

PEO3. To train the graduates to the routes, techniques, instruments of nanofabrication

PEO4. To generate technically skilled manpower for innovations in the field of nanotechnology

PEO5. To generate human resource for effective scientific contribution for society through exploiting nanotechnology

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