Poonam Jindal

Designation:    Assistant Professor
Department:    Electronics & Communication Engg
Qualification:    Ph.D NIT Kurukshetra M.E. ThaparUniversity, Patiala

CC-1, NIT Campus , NIT Kurukshetra

Email:    poonamjindal81@nitkkr.ac.in
Phone No:    01744-233552, 9466620527
Area of Interest:    

Wireless Network Security, Cryptography, Physical Layer Security, Wireless Communication, IoT security




Research Activities
In the areas mentioned above through M.Tech students

Experience :
Teaching: 12 Yrs


Research Publications:

International Referred Journal:

Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Optimization of the Security-Performance Tradeoff in RC4 Encryption Algorithm.” Wireless Personal Communications, 92(3), pp 1221-1250, (2017).(SCI)
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Security-Performance Tradeoffs in a Class of Wireless Network Scenarios.” Journal of Networks and System Managements,25(1)pp 83-121, (2017).(SCI)
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, B.. Quantitative analysis of the security performance in wireless LANs. Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, (2017) 29, 246–268.(Scopus)

Academic Year 2015-16

Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Experimental Study to Analyze the Security Performance in Wireless LANs.” Wireless Personal Communications, 83(3), pp 2085-2131, (2015).(SCI)
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “A Survey on RC4 Stream Cipher”, International Journal of Computer Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS). Vol 7, pp 37-45, (2015).
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “RC4 Encryption-A Literature Survey”, Computer Science, Elsevier, Vol 46, pp 697-705, Dec. 3-5, 2014.(Scopus)

Academic Years 2014-15

Poonam Jindal Vaibhav Gupta, “Performance Analysis of Cooperation Schemes in Eavesdropper Assisted Relay Channel.” ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology5(2), (2014).

Before Academic Year 2014-15

Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Modified RC4 Encryption Algorithm for WLAN”, International Journal of Information and Computation Technology, 3(1), pp 66-69, (2013)
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Performance Evaluation of Security-Throughput Tradeoff with Channel Adaptive Encryption”, International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security (IJCNIS)5(1), pp 49-55 (2013)
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Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Study and Performance Evaluation of Security-Throughput Tradeoff with Link Adaptive Encryption Scheme”, International Journal of Security, Privacy and Trust Management, 1(5), pp 13-26. (2012)

International Conferences

Academic Year 2017-18

Poonam Jindal and Rupali Sinha, “Energy Efficiency and Secure Communication with Power Splitting Energy Harvesting Technique for Single Relay Network”ICCA’2017, Sept. 06-07, 2017, Dubai, UAE.(IEEE)

Academic Year 2016-17

Rupali Sinha and Poonam Jindal, “A Study of Physical Layer Security with Energy Harvesting in Single Hop Relaying Environment,” IEEE Conference on Single Processing and Integrated Networks, Feb 2017.
Sinha, R., & Jindal, P. (2016, November). Performance analyses of cooperative schemes under total transmit power constraint in single hop wireless relaying system. In Communication Control and Intelligent Systems (CCIS), 2016 2nd International Conference on (pp. 28-31). IEEE.
Sirohi, K., Tanwar, A., & Jindal, P. (2016, November). Automated irrigation and fire alert system based on hargreaves equation using weather forecast and ZigBee protocol. In Communication Control and Intelligent Systems (CCIS), 2016 2nd International Conference on (pp. 13-17). IEEE.

Academic Year 2015-16

Divya Gautam, Poonam Jindal, “Impact of Rayleigh and Racian Fading Channels on Cooperative Schemes.” 2nd IEEE International conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Technology (CICT-2016), ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad, pp 500-503, Feb 12-13, 2016.
Divya Gautam, Poonam Jindal, “Analysis of Amplify and Forward Technique to Improve Secrecy Rate in Multi-Hope Relaying System.” IEEE International conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information and Communication Technology (RTEICT-2016),  Sri Venkateshwara College of Enginnering Bengaluru, pp 62-64, May 20-21, 2016.

Academic Year 2014-15

Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Analyzing the Security Performance-Tradeoff of Block Ciphers”, IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation,Galgotia University, Greater Noida, pp 389-394, May 15-16, 2015.
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Response Time Analysis of Secure IEEE 802.11n Wireless LAN in a Class of Network Scenarios”, 5thIEEE International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies, pp.557-563, Feb. 2015.

Before Academic Year 2014-15

Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Performance Analysis of Modified RC4 Encryption Algorithm”, “IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering 2014, pp.1-5, May 9-11 2014.
Vaibhav Gupta, Poonam Jindal, “Cooperative Jamming and Aloha Protocol for Physical Layer Security” In Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (ACCT), 2014 Fourth International Conference on (pp. 64-68). IEEE.
Vaibhav Gupta and Poonam Jindal, “Exploiting cooperative jamming for physical layer security,” IEEE Conference SCES, MNNIT Allahabad, May 2014.
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Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Security Aspects in Wireless LANs: A Survey”, International Multi Conference on Intelligent Systems & Nanotechnology, Institute of Science and Technology Klawad, pp 362-366, Feb 26-28,. 2010.

National Conferences

Honey Goyal, Poonam Jindal “Performance Analysis of Secure Wireless Network” 4th National Conference & ISTE State Chapter Annual Convention on Wireless Communication & VLSI Design (NCWCVD-2011).
Poonam Jindal, Brahmjit Singh, “Performance Evaluation of Token Based Authentication Scheme for WLANs”, NationalConference on Advancements in Communication & Computing Systems, pp 68-75, March 24-25, 2012.
Upendra Singh, Poonam Jindal, “Effect of Transmission Power on the Response Time of IEEE802.11g/n.” National Conference on VLSI, Signal Processing and Communication Engineering (VSPCE), NIT Hamirpur, Aug 16-17, 2014.

Book chapter

Academic Year 2016-17

Poonam Jindal and Rupali Sinha, “Physical layer security with energy harvesting in single hop wireless relaying system,” Chapter 29, Springer Nature, 2017.(Book Chapter)

f) Academic/Administrative Contributions

Prof.-In charge Advanced Electronics lab
Subject Coordinator (Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications)
Prof In-Charge UG/PG Affairs
Prof In-Charge M.Tech Admission, Scholarships and related
Prof In-Charge Communication Lab I and Lab II
Prof In-Charge Accreditation
Member B.Tech Minor Project Evaluation Committee
Member Preparatory work for M.Tech dissertation Committee
Warden Bhagirathi Bhawan (Girls Hostel)

g) STC organized(Self Financed)

S. No. Title Venue Period Organized/ Participated
1. “Cognitive Radio: Fundamentals and Implementation Issues” ECE Department and Center of Computing and Networking National Institute of Technology July 09-12, 2014 Organized
2.  “5G Wireless Communication Networks: Fundamentals and Implementation Issues”


ECE NIT Kurukshetra 10-15 July 2017. Organized

Projects and Thesis supervised and co-supervised within and outside institute: B.Tech./M.Tech./Ph.D.

Supervising 03 Ph.D students in the area of Cooperative communication, IoT security.
Supervised more than 17 M.Tech dissertations.
Supervised more than 20 B.Tech projects


Member IEEE

Any other detail

Served as Reviewer in:

IEEE Sensor Journal
IEEE Communication Letters
Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective (Taylor & Francis)